Medical Imaging Holiday Party

Specialists in Medical Imaging Holiday Party Brings a Crowd

On Saturday evening, January 6, 2018, the annual UnityPoint Health Medical Imaging staff held its annual holiday party at the Gateway Building on the Peoria Riverfront. Radiology staff from UnityPoint Health Proctor, UnityPoint Health Pekin and UnityPoint Health Methodist attended with their guests.

Approximately 130 people attended the event. A wonderful time was had by all! We send out special thanks to John Werdeman, Jenny Rose and Juanita Calder for organizing the event!

Tell Us Which Holiday Party Theme We Should Try Next Year

Since our specialists enjoy celebrating the holidays with our families like everyone else, we offer this list of holiday party themes. You might see one you want to try out or maybe suggest that we try next year. Let our staff know you saw our post and want to recommend an idea for our next gathering. So that we can inspire you, here are our ideas:

  •  No Grinches Party – Experience the spirit of giving with an office-wide charity event. Check out, a great tool that ranks charities in order of their effectiveness. It shows the impact your donations have and where they go.
  • Party for a Paw-pose – Help adoptable dogs and cats find their forever homes. Contact local animal shelters like this one in Tazewell County. For that reason, see if you can arrange for partygoers to get in hugs and adopt pets in need.
  • Ugly Sweaters, Beautiful Donations – Share the spirit of the holidays with the homeless. In order to spread holiday cheer, collect clothes for shelters. In addition, you can have fun by coming up with prizes for the best donations.
  • The Great Cookie Bake-Off – Rather than bring in store-bought treats, encourage employees to compete for awards or prizes with homemade goods.
  • Gourmet Gathering – Bring your staff closer together by taking a company-wide cooking class.
  • Ornamental Occasion – Grab some plain ornaments and invite employees to use craft supplies to create custom keepsakes.
  • Around-The-World Affair – Create a sign-up list for employees to make traditional holiday side dishes from other countries. You can always have a caterer prepare the main entree to make sure there is enough to eat.
  • Attire Affair – You can combine this idea with the around-the-world one or make it separate. Invite guests to wear traditional holiday garb from the countries represented by their dish. To make it separate, guests can wear garb that represents their heritage.
  • Blindfold Bash – Pinatas celebrate holidays all year long in Mexico. Buy an appropriately themed pinata and fill it with adult goodies like airplane-size booze shooters, candy and gift cards.
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Hockey and basketball are in full swing. Get a suite and go watch the pucks or basketballs fly.
  • Bubbly Bash – Feel like a hamster with bubble soccer. You can get together for a company soccer match while inside a big inflatable ball. In addition, you can add fun by choosing the bouncy-ball kind to send coworkers bouncing off one another.
  • Stay In Your Lane – Bowling can be a fun competition for everyone. Spice up games with trick shots and bumper bowling.

 SMI Wishes You Happy and Healthy Holiday

Specialists in Medical Imaging wishes everyone good health during the holidays. However, we can help patients in Peoria, Pekin and Galesburg when they do experience health problems. Trust our team of radiology experts to diagnose and care for you to get you back on track. Call us today at 844-821-7046 or contact us online for your radiology needs.